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Policy Papers

"Values Education in the Israeli Education System and the Place of Education for Values: Adopting Legal Narratives" (The Committee for Revamp Schooling for the 21st Century, Initiative for Applied Education Research, Israeli Academy for Science and Humanities, forthcoming) [Hebrew].


"Parents Fees: Normative Framework and Policy Recommendations" (written for the Public Committee for Regulating Parents Fees in Israeli Recognized Unofficial Schools, Ministry of Education, 2012) [Hebrew].


"The Lack of a Core-Curriculum for High-Schools: Analyzing the Policy and its Implications on the Right to Education" (written for the Public Committee for the Examination of the Structure of the Matriculations Exams, Ministry of Education, 2012) [Hebrew].

"'Books as Landscapes': The Realization of the Right to Adaptable Education through High-School Literature Curricula in Israeli-Jewish and Israeli-Arab Public Schools" (The Jewish-Arab Center at University of Haifa, 2010), coauthored with Shulamit Almog and Nohad A'li [Hebrew].

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