Epistemic Thinking Group

Members of the epistemic thinking research group conduct studies on various aspects of epistemic thinking and digital literacy. The group meets regularly to plan studies, analyze data, provide feedback on writing, and read new articles.

Current Members (in alphabetical order)

  • Fayez Abed, PhD Student, Research interest: Scaffolding source evaluation

  • Ohad Davidow, MA Student , Research interest: Evaluation of informal online argumentation

  • Ibtisam Ka'adan, PhD Student, Research interest: Development of intertextual integration among Arab students

  • Dr. Shiri Mor-Hagani, Post-doctoral fellow, Research interest: The contribution of reflective writing to epistemic growth

  • Dr. Liron Primor, Post-doctoral fellow, Research interest: Intertextual integration instruction

  • Ina Talmon, MA student, Research interest: Interplay of cognition and metacognition in epistemic growth

  • Danna Tal-Savir, MA student, Research interest: The contribution of mapping to integration of multiple texts


MA graduates:

  • Maha Amer

  • Irena Perel

  • Idit Rapel-London

  • Tzipi Rosenfeld

  • Ibtisam Ka'adan

  • Talia Shlomi-Elooz

  • Fayez Abed

  • Na'ama Goldik

PhD graduates:

  • Oshra Duek

Ibtisam Ka'adan (left) and a friend in graduation ceremony

Ibtisam Ka'adan (left) and a friend in graduation ceremony